Anyone interested to upgrade it,s HU is highly recommended for this X9500.


  • Sirius XM ready.
  • Single Din.
  • In dash CD reciever with full dot LCD display.
  • Flap face design,AX input,dual USB ports.
  • Built in bluetooth and HD radio tuner.
  • Voice control for Iphone.
  • Included remote control.
  • 3 Hi-volt RCA preouts.
  • Advanced sound retriever.
  • 5 band graphic equalizer.
  • Detachable face security.


  • Lot of features for the price.
  • Dual USB and AUX plugin.
  • Bluetooth is crystal clear.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • FM/FM2/Iphone bluetooth music/Iphone calls.
  • Awesome Hd radio in this price.
  • 3 set of 4-v outputs,excellent bt,High Voltage outputs.
  • Lots of input options and great sounds.


  • USB ports are very delicate.


If you prefer a clean look in front of you in the car then this HU X9500 is for you.Installing is straight forward and set up is not needed.Pairing with phone is really easy.It comes with lots of input options and great sound.To be honest in this price this X9500 is to be a called a beast .Single din,great price and great performance.

Is Pioneer DEH-X9500 BHS is good enough?

X9500 really offers a lot of features in this price and most of these features works smoothly.Sound,video is perfect.Bluetooth connects instantly after getting into your car.Though you have to connect it at the first time.HD radio.Lots of inputs.And Good quality products.No problem at all for beginners to install and setting it up.Pairing with your phone is easy.To be honest if you just need a Head Unit which offers you a lot of features and comes in a cheap price then this is for you.Actually it gives more features than most other costly head units.

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