Parrot Asteroid Smart Multimedia Car Stereo Review

Asteroid is an ultra complete multimedia car radio.


  • Dual mode.You can connect two phones at a single time.
  • Navigation,Music streaming.
  • HD voice command.
  • Double external microphone.
  • Driver assistance,Music on demand,Internet Radios.


  • Capacitive touch screen.
  • Ipod integration is great.
  • Ability to sideload apk apps.
  • Extremly responsive and no lagging.
  • Voice command,syncing with phone book is really great.
  • Easy to install.
  • Radio and stereo functions sound great.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Tons of audio input options.


Asteroid a product of parrot is really a good car stereo.This is easy to install and set up is really fast.As a matter of fact this has no region lock or something.It is really a potential car stereo.In addition it provides cellular modem and wifi support.This stereo is fairly priced which is equally important.Comperatively it offers a lot of functions in this price.The only little problem is it,s android version.It,s a little old.Otherwise it,s a great product for your car.

Is Parrot Asteroid is good enough?

This product comes with tons of audio options.Any music lover will brag this for his car.This company does really thinks a lot for it,s customers.Whatever they advertises ,in reality it does more than that.However for the android version this product might not impress you but the other functions are great as it says.Radio and stereo functions sound great.Tons of audio input options.Swift interface.connectivity options are excellent It offers a dual mode.So you can connect your 2 phones at the same time.Super easy to learn.Music playback quality is great.Navigation,Ipod integration ,syncing with phone book,Voice command everything is up to mark.It has solid outputs.Furthermore the tools are great.Manufacture is good too.And super easy to learn.So that anyone who is new to driving car would be very mush happy to get this.

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