If you want a great unit in low price then it is for you.


  • Connects two phones at once.
  • Built in MOSFET amplifier.
  • Bluetooth with aptX for superior sound quality.
  • Digital Multimedia reciever.
  • 6 EQ curves and 13 band equalizer.
  • Satelite radio ready with detachable faceplate.


  • Easy to install.
  • Bluetooth is great and sound quality is awesome.
  • Tons of settings.Menu and controls gives you freedom to change sttings.
  • Gain adjustment option for the mic is an absolute treat.


If you want a head unit without a cd drive and offers a great amount of features then it is for you to buy.It is a cheap price product too.Kenwood has really released a great product.Easy functions and nice size buttons.Kenwood would really live up to your expectations.You will have a lot of adjustment options to get a great sound of your own taste.It is a light well and small dashboard.13 band settings to optimize speaker size.Anyone would love the gain adjustment for the mic.Interface is user friendly.It is really easy to install .And also provides modern day functions any person would need.Tons of settings and excellent sound quality.Not to mention it does everything you would need. It is small,inexpensive and simple.

Is Kenwood KMM-BT 322U is good enough?

This kenwood product is a great product in this price.Kenwood always try to satisfy their customers in great price.This unit is simple to understand and easy to use.It has easy functions and nice size buttons.You can set it up on your own.Installing is easy for any new comer.A person with a little knowledge of technology can set this unit up. Clean looks and great sound.Radio works and looks fantastic.Plenty of power.Lots of offers in a small price.If it fits your car and you are low on budget then it is for you.

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