This is a heck of a unit of JVC-KW in this price.


  • 17 language multilingual display.
  • MP3 ID3 tag display.
  • Siri eyes free for iOS devices.3 pre-outs/4.0 v.
  • Built in bluetooth technology for hands free talking and audio streaming.
  • Sirius xm satelite radio ready.
  • Android music palyback via USB.
  • 2-phones full time connection.
  • Bluetooth AVRCP 1.5 for versatile song selection.


  • Smooth installation.
  • Functionality is awesome.
  • Phone adaptability is great.
  • Touch screen has some handy gestures included.
  • Pandora works perfectly.
  • Works and looks great.


  • CD/DVD function is kind of tricky.So it is not for a CD/DVD lover.


Ideal users of JVC-KW are who does not likes or uses CD/DVD that much.Who desires to listen to music,podcasts,who is a daily commuter this JVC product is for them.It has plenty of power.Nice equalizer and other options.Awesome hands free calling.Lots of display settings.Bluetooth audio quality is great.Indeed a great product it is.

IS JVC-KW -V130 BT Good Enough?

JVC is a company who thinks about it,s consumers very much.JVC always tries to give a little bit extra in a limited money range.This product is a example of that.Certainly an awesome product from JVC.Anyone will like it for its vast options of settings and features.People generally likes that their dash board does everything which a general modern stereo reciever can do.This product is a resemble of that.Though CD/DVD slot of this product is not that much appreciated by a lot of customers.But most people does not use CD/DVD these days.So if we just skip that part then this is a great product.

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